Thursday, October 24, 2013

Student websites for fall 2013

Here are the 18 websites that are being built in J105 Web Design class at Drake University this semester. Sites are works in progress at the time, but will be finished up by early December.

Nakita Beck
Megan Berberich
Janet Eckles
Sarah Fulton
Cameron Johnson
Malinda Jorgensen
Theresa Kelly
Kayli Kunkel
Raeann Langas
Kaylyn Maher
Maria Opatz
Hunter Phillips
Vaughn Powell
Kylie Rush
Jessica Van Wyk
Ian Walker
Leah Walters
Jesse Wright

Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to J105 for fall 2013

You found the class blog for J105 Web Page Design.

In the first few weeks of class, you will learn to create web pages using HTML and CSS. After that, we will turn our attention to creating websites using the Wordpress content management system.

You'll purchase a domain, create a site, create content for that site and modify the design of the site using your HTML and CSS skills.

Along the way, we'll learn about the skills required to be an online editor at a media site (search engine optimization, analytics, social media, etc.)

 This blog will be a place to share information for the class. I will post assignments, important information and questions here. Basic class info can be found using the links above.

Here are a few housekeeping things you need to do:

Join the class Facebook group.

Email a link to your Pinterest account (or the email address associated with your account), so I can add you to our two collaborative boards. If you don't have Pinterest, you'll need to create an account.

Monday, April 29, 2013

J105 portfolio sites for spring 2013

Here are the portfolio sites for my Web Design students for this semester. Most are still works in progress, but please take a minute to click around and send some traffic to their sites.

The students also will be writing about the web traffic they receive to their site, so the more you click, the more they have to say.

Shelby Brink
Jordan Engbers
Meagan Flynn  
Hilary Fullmer  
Leah Hurt
Jeremy Jeffers  
Stephanie Kocer  
Blaire McKenzie  
Casey Morgan  
Jenna Mushro
Lindsey Phelps  
Gary Ricks
Elizabeth Robinson  
Taylor Soule
Cody Warren
Ian Wells
Arthur Wright  
Olivia Young

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where to find Wordpress themes

Here's a list of Wordpress themes that have caught my eye over the past couple years...