Grading and policies

Cheating: Plagiarism is stealing another person’s work and passing it off as your own. In the real world, it is grounds for dismissal from a job. In the academic universe, any instance of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to school authorities and will result in discipline, up to and including expulsion from the School of Journalism or the university. If quoting another’s work is necessary, plagiarism can be avoided by attributing the words to the original author or rewording. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, see me. 

It goes without saying that you also should not cheat in any way or make up information. Your credibility and trustworthiness are two of the most important qualities you have — as a professional and as a person.

Class participation: Roughly 10 percent of your grade will be based on class participation. You are expected to take part in class discussions, comment on Twitter using the hashtag #j105 (once per week), post/comment on the class Facebook group (2 original posts and 5 comments this semester) and share to the class Pinterest board (twice to each board this semester).

Attendance: You are allowed to miss class three times. After that, you will lose 10 points for every absence. Absences may be excused if you are sick or have a family emergency. If you are too sick to learn, stay home. Absences will only be excused if you have called or e-mailed me in advance of the class you’ll miss.

In-class work missed during an unexcused absence receives no credit and may not be made up. In-class work missed during an excused absence must be made up within one week of the absence.

Late assignments: Assignments turned in one class period late will receive a maximum of 50% credit. After that, they receive zero credit.

Classroom behavior: Our learning will be accomplished only if we behave with civility and respect. You may use your phones and laptops during class, but not if it becomes a distraction to others who are trying to learn. 

Extra credit: There will be an opportunity for extra credit late in the semester. You can earn 5 points extra credit for attending any Design+Tech events.

Accommodations: If you have a disability and will require academic accommodations in this course, I would be happy to discuss your needs.  Accommodations are coordinated through Student Disability Services at 271-1835.

Food: Feel free to bring food to class, but keep all food and drinks away from the computers.